trend in data science, machine learning and statistics

Data science, machine learning and statistics are 3 topics which are complement to each other. There are people who claim that statistics is no more a concern for data scientists due to invention of plug and play tools.
We tried to see whether this claim is true? Are people really going away from statistics?

Let see what google has to say about the trend of Statistics over time?


Above chart clearly shows that people interest is going down over time when it comes to Statistics. Let see how do trends look like for Data Science and Machine Learning.


Interestingly, machine learning and data sciences are picking up since 2005. There was a dip till 2010 but post that it is increasing continuously. Another noticeable fact is that both these search terms are highly correlated with each other.

Next, we tried to see the interest for these fields by regions. The following view clearly shows that Data Science is having hot interest in India, Nigeria, Singapore followed by United States.


When it comes to Machine Learning, Singapore and South Korea stole the show. India is not far behind though.


When we talk about Statistics, Kenya & New Zealand are the toppers of the game.


Following 3 views show the hot topics in the field of Data Science & Machine Learning respectively.




Interesting facts:

  • Python is picking up with twice the speed of R
  • Coursera being the top growing item
  • Pattern recognition is the hot topic now a days

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Trend in data science, machine learning and statistics
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Trend in data science, machine learning and statistics
Google search trend shows that interest in Statistics is going down over time while Data Science and Machine Learning are ramping up fast. In terms of search, python machine learning is beating r machine learning.
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