Where do you stand as a data scientist?

There is a huge population who name themselves as Data Scientist. We always wonder where do we stand in this field of data science? Do I know enough?
To understand a little bit about yourself, please answer the following questions and you will know where do you stand with respect to rest of the Data Scientists.

This quiz result will help you to access your strength for a level 1 data scientists. It doesn’t evaluate niche skills like Big Data, AI, Graph Database etc.

Enjoy your quiz!!! Post your experience in comments!!!

We all talk about data science and want to thrive. This quiz is a small effort to understand where you stand as of today.

Where do you stand as a data scientist?
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Where do you stand as a data scientist?
This small quiz helps you measure your strength in the field of Data Sciences. Attempt the quiz and see - Where do you stand?
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